Yoga Teacher Training – Graduation!


After a rigorous month of emotional, physical and spiritual boot camp I officially graduated yoga teacher training TODAY! There were many brilliant highs as well as some soul-wrenching lows but through all of it a new and improved version of myself has been born. This latest version comes equipped with increased patience, compassion, acceptance and gratitude for myself and others. Also some awesome new flexibility, and much more to come! My final exam included teaching a class to my fellow students. The theme for my class was “Lunch break at a coworking space” 🙂 I put on some great tunes, got the bodies moving and grooving and rocked it! While I’m extremely proud of my accomplishment it is also very clear that there are still a lot of work ahead along my path of self discovery. Rather than feel disheartened or intimidated as I sometimes used to, I’m more ready than ever to face anything that comes my way. Bring it on, Universe! 

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