What’s in a Name? Bring on the Lux!


Names hold power. Did you know that the name Douglas comes from the Gaelic for “dark stream”? This certainly seemed to fit my early life and I spent the better part of 30 years attempting to bottle up my emotions behind a nice, neat facade. In fact I proved so good at hiding the darker side of my character that I largely forgot about it. Finally in my early 30s when the pace of my life began to slow down a little bit I began to explore some of my unresolved issues. As I grew less angry with the world I decided to start calling myself Dougie to encourage this unfolding. The name itself seemed to noticeably soften almost everyone who hears it and that makes me happy too.

As for my last name, Campbell, I’ve never really felt like it fit me so am rebranding as Lux. The word means”light” in Latin and has touched me in many ways over the years. It also serves as a reminder to spend my time in the pursuit of light, love and peace. And I know better time to state that commitment than now, as I wrap up this chapter of my journey and head home smile emoticon

Like the man behind the name, Dougie Lux is not a static concept. He is at the same time both who I am and who I am becoming and stands for nothing less than the greatest expression of my being. He is healthy of mind, body and spirit. He is patient, trusting and dedicated. He lives in an environmentally low impact way and offers daily gratitude for his blessings. He fully embodies unconditional love for himself and all beings, through his thoughts, words and actions. He is committed to his continued conscious development and to share what he discovers with others so they may benefit from it and in turn inspire him through the sharing of their own experience.

Bam! There’s what many new age folks call some intention setting! Daunting? A little! Achievable? No doubt! The comforting thing about stating a commitment to something so big, put most simply the aspiration to grow into the full expression of my highest self, means that when I inevitably stumble or even fall off the wagon, each moment of every day is an opportunity to renew my commitment and prove to myself and to the world who I am and what I stand for.

We can make change a long drawn-out process… Or we can make it happen in a moment. We can suffer, battle and resist things or we can simply change our perception and see life through a new lens. By doing this, each obstacle, each challenging life experience actually has the power to become a teacher, a lesson that illuminates a deeper understanding of ourselves. This process might not be easy, but it really is that simple. One year ago I fell into a dark stream that almost swallowed me. I fantasized about slipping into the comfort of its cool embrace, to fold back into the deeper stream from which I had emerged. At the time I didn’t feel that I was able to navigate the discrepancy that I felt as my ideals came into conflict with from my reality. Thankfully I managed to swim back from the depths, but this time, rather than ignore my feelings, I swum deeper and began to face them. I began to bring light into the dark corners of my being.

Five months later I decided to go on a trip during which I planned to fix all my problems and create a clear plan of action for my life. In retrospect I still had to learn some lessons about patience, self love and expectation. Throughout the journey I continued to face my shadows, venturing out to the dark depths again and again. And then finally something snapped, and in an instant I got it. In that moment I realized that the only thing that I had to fix was my perception that something about me was broken. And now as I begin the journey home I take stock of my accomplishments. Did I achieve everything I set out to do? No. Am I returning a perfect, shiny new me with a clear plan of action? No. But what I am returning with is the knowledge and comfort that as long as I take care of myself then everything else will fall in line accordingly. This is the foundation for the rest of my life. I have swum through both my darkness and my light and by doing so have emerged on the other side more strong and powerful than ever before. I’m no longer afraid of my shadows, or intimidated by my brightness. I am no longer impatient about my place on this path. I am in the perfect place. It can be no other way, nor would I want it to be. I embrace myself in my entirety; dark stream light.

I am also returning with a laundry list of mischievous ideas and am excited to meet with conspirators, collaborators and comrades in consciousness. Let’s explore what the world can be like and co create a brighter future for ourselves, each other and those who will follow many generations to come. I pledge a pure heart and willingness to let the spirit of love flow through me. Let’s shake things up. Let’s step up to the challenges. Let’s focus on the solutions. Here’s to being the best version of ourselves. Here’s to healing ourselves and by doing so healing the world. Here’s to embracing the full human experience. Here’s to celebrating life itself <3

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