Week 4 of Yoga Teacher Training – Almost There!


I’m wrapping up the 4th week (of 5) of this unbelievable yoga training experience. All of my joints are aching as my bones are literally realigning in my body. Besides being the most physically demanding thing that I’ve ever undertaken it’s also been a deeply profound opportunity to rethink how I see myself, others and the world around me. My gratitude grows more deeply every day for all aspects of this human experience and the lessons each has to teach. Especially the tough stuff 🙂 I’m not sure where my next stop will be but wherever I go I’m excited to continue reuniting my mind with my body. I might stick around this magical island for the foreseeable future. Or not. I’ll make the decision next week. For now it’s the good life of amazing food, happy people, healthy activities, fresh fruit shakes and massages. And it’s all dirt cheap. Did I mention the $10 massages? So why leave so soon?

In other news Mark Steven Roemer and I MCd the local bars open mic night a few nights ago. We intro’d about 15 different acts and threw in some of or own skits such as announcements from the hotel’s spa (chakra waxing, 432hz sonic colonics, Thai chili steam room and jelly fish plunge, becoming your highest Alphalpha male workshop, communing with nature at the mosquito meditation and of course the world famous deep issue massage.) Roemer also channelled his sassy southern homegirl Deciduous for dream interpreting and I unveiled D.Lux, my inner transformational hip hop freestyle poet. A beautifully bizarre memory indeed.

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