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What is the Future of Communites?


I’m fascinated by community projects and experiments. How do they form? How do they operate? How do they impact the lives of the members and how do they interface (or choose not to interface) with the world around them. How does each variation shed light on the future of how we will live, work, love, grow and cocreate together?

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The Transformative Technology Conference

I’m incredibly grateful for all of your birthday wishes! Also I feel fortunate to doing some videography at an amazing event in Palo Alto this weekend called the Transformative Technology Conference. As you might imagine it’s a comprehensive future-facing collection of people, companies & organizations that are thinking about how technology will transform our health, wellness and even are very consciousness for the better.

What you might be more surprised by is that a conference like this would also begin the day with a Kundalini meditation and that one of the recurring themes of the presentations is the importance of continuing deep inner work on ourselves as we explore deep outer work with our projects, research and other creations. A powerful and important piece of advice to heed as we explore the unchartered territory at the intersection of our technology and our own humanity.

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Can Langton Labs Host a Memorable Halloween Party? When Pigs Fly!


What do you get what you cross Halloween and a house full of creative (and wonderfully eccentric) scientists. The most bizarrely memorable Halloween ever at Langton Labs in SOMA, SF. First of all the kitchen table had been transformed into a dissection station and microscope viewing area. There was something truly magical about watching a zombified doctor dissect a heart and describe all of the roles each part plays. There was also of course also frogs, eyeballs and fetal pigs – if the heart wasn’t entertaining enough.


Various animals stood in jars of formaldehyde, whose bodies and even bones, had been made transparent by a special technique. There were also drawing pads on the table in case you got a sudden impulse to be creative.


But the real piece de resistance was a young pig, with attached wings, realized by the impossibly unique and talented Jane Partensky (with the surgical assistance of Will Oberlin). The final incarnation of this mythological beast hung from the ceiling, above the dancing crowd, lit from below with an eery yellow lamp.

So can Langton Labs host a memorable Halloween party? You can almost see the pig mouthing: “You’re god damn right they can!”


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The Langton Unconstitutional Convention


Over at Langton, things were as alternative and progressive as ever: The Unconstitutional Convention, began by Tristan the previous month, was an event called together to talk about the government and the meeting split off into smaller groups to discuss solutions. After an hour or so we’d once again meet as a full group and talk about the solutions which ranged from the ridiculous “move all sociopaths to an island” to the logical “making APIs for all sections of government” to the invasive “if you’re a public servant, your finances should be public!” to the contentiously futuristic “humans have proven they can’t govern themselves – the best ultimate solution will be an AI government.” (the latter of course proposed by your truly..)

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The SF Posse: Brain Scanning, Lamb Slaughter, Slide Luck and Sushi


Every time I visit the Langton Labs crew it’s a fun surprise. After regaling them with recent tales from the road, they invariably retort with awesome stories of their own. This month’s installment included the home made brain scanning technology of Andreas Stadler. But of course this digital mastery had to be augmented by some old school activities: Agil and crew had recently slaughtered a lamb and Hannah was now proudly tanning the hide in the storage room


Of course, with Burning man approaching, it was time to start discussing the reality of creating a Burning man village with False Profit and Relaxomatic Plushatorium. Luckily, Mat Heitel of the Phage did a good job of drawing up a plan:


Kayton, Jane et al would soon be completing their wilderness first response trainging and in light of all the recent adventures, I called for a ‘Slide Luck’ at Langton: Me and South America, Peretz: Off Silk Roadin’, Galit: Antarctic adventures and Hanna’s trip to Libya. What a nice compliment to ‘make your own sushi creation’ night!


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Mindshare then SF for Christmas, Vipassana for New Years!

After an fantastic holiday Mindshare.LA (see pics), I went up to San Francisco for Christmas with the sweet mother! Soon after Christmas I attended my 3rd Vipassana retreat in North Fork, CA. It was yet again a superb experience and very tranquil way to enter the new year.. In fact I was asleep well before midnight 😉 More details notes to follow..

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From Ithaca to H+ Summit to Mindshare to Christmas!

December was a wild ride! Right after Thanksgiving with the family at my sister Victoria’s Wild Things Sanctuary in Ithaca, I returned to LA an ran the hugely successful H+ Summit. We got almost half a million online viewers throughout the weekend!

Of course the Tuxedo Tyrants continue to rage on the streets of LA!

I took my sister to Joshua Tree and it was a little colder than expected!

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