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Some Deep Thoughts from Chiang Mai’s Bar Scene


So there’s this bar area in Chiang Mai that is called Zoe In Yellow. It’s a really weird name and it’s also a really weird bar experience. Imagine a food court of your typical mall, however it’s at street level and entirely outdoors and instead of food establishments each area is a different type of musical mini-club. So there is a reggae bar, there is the hip hop club, there’s the really really cheesy techno club, there’s a punk rock club and there is even a big band Cuban club. People move around as they want, unhindered, drinks in hand. It’s kind of like the perfect ADD night out. As you can imagine this was not the place that I expected to find a deep conversation about the nature of being human.

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Reality, The Shadow Self and A List of Awesome Documentaries

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at [January 23]1.42 PM

So you may not know this about me but I’m a little bit of a documentary junkie. Since I have some self-prescribed, mind-expanding time on my hands right now I decided to do a little research on where to find some good online docs… And I just discovered a motherload of consciousness poking and thought provoking documentaries.

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When a Simple Visit to a Temple Gets Deep!

When a simple Sunday adventure to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, a beautiful hillside temple just outside of Chiang Mai, gets deep! As I was descending the hundreds of steps a question formed in my mind: How can I best be of service to the world, while still remaining in service to myself? I added the latter part as it was often something I neglected to do in the past. Further consideration (during an amazing Thai massage with soul sibling Roxanne Ruby smile emoticon led me to another, possibly more focused way of asking this question: How might I best use my time, energy and unique skills to most effectively expand consciousness for myself and my species?

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Accepting That Sometimes You Just Need An Open Return Ticket Home


Well I just officially slept through my return flight home. No alarm went off. No taxi came. In fact I was 100s of miles away from the Bangkok airport in the mountains of northern Thailand. Just as I planned it! Because that was my *original* flight… and I now have an open return ticket!

I just finished a 20 day meditation course on “Acceptance”. During each session I was prompted to ask myself “Who or what am I resisting in my life, right now?” At first I was quick to think I wasn’t resisting anything. I’m totally peaceful! But then as usual this meditation business got deeeeeep! Ha!

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