Sissy’s Wedding in NYC


When I finally, narrowly, made it to the airport the next morning to head to NYC for Sissy’s wedding they almost didn’t let me get my boarding pass due to a ‘multilated passport’. (Damn my secret zipper pocket and the two times I had put it through the wash without realizing it!) I pleaded with the sour pussed girls at the check in, and they finally buckled, warning me that the TSA security might still prevent me from boarding. With a neatly displayed passport and boarding pass, a big smile and a well placed comment I slipped passed the checkpoint and onto my plane.

The ceremony was held under the base of the Manhattan Bridge at a rather stylish venue galled Gustavinos.

The crazy rabbi, who contantly called Craig ‘Greg’ made it seem more like a scene out of Seinfeld than an actual wedding. And Craig’s tiny grandmoth was barely able to be kept in her seat.

Lifting people on chairs in the classic Jewish tradition.

Immediately afterward Sissy and Craig were whisked away to an unknown destination for their honey moon. The family dispersed and the liver begged for sympathy after three days of excessive consumption and the joy of meeting new family members who’s names I quickly forgot! Oh well, there will be time to learn 🙂

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