Scooter Rented… Hitting the Roads of Bali


Scooter rented, hitting the road! I’m incredibly reluctant to leave the paradise that I found in Ubud but for the next two weeks I’m traveling light, exploring the mind / body / soul offerings of Bali. A couple of sets of clothes, swimsuit, basic toiletries, smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth speaker and a thin yoga mat is all that I’ve packed. The lighter the better 🙂 I’ll be living at a silent meditation retreat for a few days and then for the holidays I have volunteered my new yoga teacher skills at a Hindu ashram on the east coast of the island. Traveling by scooter is a little white-knuckling but incredibly exhilarating, zipping through rice paddies and small towns, all while avoiding stray dogs and pot holes. In one ear I listen for hazards and in the other, GPS directions from Google Maps (thanks to an unlocked smart phone with a cheap local data plan) help me find my way through the organic mesh of roads and alleys. Occasionally (life’s) roads dead end or no longer exist at all but inevitably there’s a way around and we get to where we’re going…

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