Rather Ingenious Art: A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter (2009) – Caleb Larsen


My cousin Gilles brought this to my attention when he asked: How can a static sculpture be dynamic?

“You can buy it (right now) on eBay. This (unique) gloss black cube is designed to be plugged in and given an internet connection by its new owner. Upon being plugged in, it will immediately attempt to resell itself on ebay… and IF the artwork succeeds in selling itself, the collector must ship it to the next purchaser… AND pay the artist 15% of the appreciated value. The buyer’s agreement is long but amusing.”
From the FAQ…
Q: If I were to buy this, how long could I expect to own it before it sells itself again?

A: It is hard to say. Like any commodity it is subject to demand. It could be moments or years. The perpetual state of uncertainty and the instability of ownership are primary components of the work.

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