Dougie Lux

Names hold great power. Dougie Lux was a three year character experiment. After returning to the US from a yoga teacher training course in Thailand I decided I needed a radical lifestyle change. As a testament to that intention I changed my name to Dougie Lux, a pseudonym that roughly translates from the Gaelic for “dark water” and Latin for “light” as dark water light and became an aspiration to strive for. In the three years that followed I completely transformed my life: I moved to a wilderness community in Oregon where I learned carpentry and restored an old cabin; I analyzed and tweaked all of my behaviors, healing my psychology and my body; and in my proudest achievement I wrote a book about my explorations of communities in Central America during the winter of 2018. Douglas Campbell has since reemerged as an entrepreneur and event producer while Dougie Lux continues to explore his untapped capabilities.

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