Money Meet Consciousness. Time For You Two To Be Friends.

We all have a lot of inner stories surrounding money so whether we came from a lot or a little it’s really useful to take a look at the relationship we have with it. Last night I watched a documentary called “Money and Life” which offered some easy to comprehend insights about the finance world that I didn’t know. I also liked one of the conclusions towards the end in which an entrepreneur considered the concept of growth to include other things besides the bottom like personal growth, growth of her employees and good ol’ fashioned fun 🙂

This month I’ve begun bringing more consciousness to my money. How much do I need? How much am I spending? How can I be more creative with my savings? And I’m also looking for a financial advisor who shares my values. **Recommendations welcome!** Returns and dividends are great, but I’m less excited about it if the investment is in an industry that I’m not aligned with or supporting practices that I think are ethically or morally unjust.

I had to let my previous advisor go because he just didn’t understand why if faced with the decision I’d rather make a little less and feel comfortable with how I’m voting with my dollar, instead of making a little more while sacrificing my values. And of course in the spirit of abundance and all that manifesting stuff, if I can make better returns AND be aligned with my values at the same time, I’m supportive of that too 🙂


UPDATE: In case this post excited you, you might also enjoy a book I just started reading “The Investment Answer: Learn to Manage Your Money & Protect Your Financial Future

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