Meeting at the New Syyn HQ


It’s not clean, it’s not too pretty but it’s OURS! With a new wall up, and tool and couches being moved in, we are now holding our meetings in the brand new Syyn Labs HQ! We’re officially ready to begin our first project next week for [redacted] who wants to make a video to bring attention to their new [redacted] project! (Sorry to be elusive, more on that in the coming month or two…) It should be a good video – and even more exciting is that it’s paying us hourly, as well as paying our rent! One humorous fact is that for the last five years I’d lived a couple of blocks away from this warehouse but as of a couple of weeks ago I moved to Pasadena! I guess there rally is no chance for a walkable commute in Los Angeles.

We’ve power washed the floors a few times and they’re still pretty filthy, but at least most of the spilled paint came up. While some of us might be resigned to a life of dusty floors and remnants of the paint factory’s spills, Dan Busby, never to shirk away from work, has announced the floors as his official ‘white whale’. He will not rest until they are spic and span and sealed with epoxy.

Characters like Dan are why Syyn Labs is more than just a drinking club with big ideas 🙂

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