Meditations on How to Deal with Anxiety


I’m happy to have just completed Day 30 of ‘s anxiety themed meditation challenge. I never thought of myself as anxious until I stopped doing all my regular activities and just observed myself over an extended period of time. Again and again I kept wanting to distract myself with a creative project, old (often unhealthy) habit or environment change just to avoid feeling a persistent underlying anxiety. Fascinating discovery! The key take away of the 30 days is being able to label your thoughts/feelings as they arise in the following way…

1 – is it a thought or a feeling?
2 – is it pleasant, neutral or unpleasant?
3 – assign it a label and move on, back to a clear minded state.
How exciting to find new clarity in one’s own head! The next course I’m starting tomorrow is called “acceptance”, which should be very useful… Cause you know, as it turns out sometimes life isn’t perfect 🙂

I’m taking action to bring more consciousness into other areas of my life. In the last week I’ve begun designing myself a challenge for the rest of 2015 which includes a routine of mental & physical discipline as well as some other life hacks that will lay the groundwork for the new year.

I’ll report back with more on that soon…

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