Going Deep at the Bali Silent Retreat


So this is my modest room at the Bali Silent Retreat for the next few days. It comes equipped with a small bed, wooden chair and a large screen which shows the Jungle Channel 24/7. With a daily schedule of yoga, meditation, healthy food and plenty of time for reading, writing and self reflection I have no doubt it will be a very beneficial experience and a good opportunity to focus on increasingly subtle habits and behavior patterns. I’m currently going deep on the topic of self love, something that might well be the number one most important thing we can master but that many of us still find elusive. This inability to truly love and accept ourselves causes all sorts of misery for ourselves and others so I am grateful to have had the book “You Can Heal You’re Life” by Louise Hay recommended to me. So far it’s been a fascinating insight into all sorts of unhelpful stories, beliefs and assumptions that we have about ourselves and the world around us, as well as strategies for how to create upgraded, healthier stories that actually benefit us. After all if I am truly taken care of, then my ability to be of service in this world increases dramatically. And that is a cycle that feels great for all involved 🙂 OK, phone off! See you on the other side.

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