Dream Worlds at a Small Ashram on the Balinese Coast


I spent Christmas reading Osho’s concepts on Joy (update: he has some good insights …even if he went a little off the rails in the end!), meditating on the theme of acceptance and doing various types of yoga. I’ve also been dream journaling and it’s been fascinating to witness my subconscious create scenarios for me to practice some new skills. Last night I had a very vivid conversation with a family member with whom I’ve had a tense relationship in the past. In the dream I was able to employ both breathwork and affirmations to remain calm amid their emotional volatility. How useful is that?! I have also been playing with creativity in my dreams and recently had a lucid dream *within* another dream in which I assembled and flew drones, chasing my friend Dustin around a warehouse 🙂 I also had an unexpected moment of connection which started with a vivid dream about India, full of color and texture. The next morning I started a new book by OSHO and the first part I read was about his ashram in India. When I brought this up over breakfast later that morning, two people eating right next to me had actually been there! Coincidence? Or maybe a sign that I’ll be thing to India sometime soon! Meanwhile, here’s a dreamy picture of my bungalow at the ashram: accommodation, 3 meals a day, tea coffee and snacks plus daily yoga for $35USD/night. Maybe this is a dream too!

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