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A Brief History

Douglas graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BA in Industrial Design. His RISD education gave him a solid foundation to launch into the world of experience design where he began by designing the user experience for websites before moving into the world of digital marketing and event production.

In 2006 Douglas co-founded Mindshare LA as a monthly “TED meets Burning Man” event series in downtown Los Angeles. The series quickly established a large local following and by May 2012 was celebrating its 50th consecutive salon with a full weekend celebration that included 20 artists, 15 presenters, 10 workshops and a variety of colorful performers. By 2019 Mindshare LA had held almost 200 events and gathered some of the sharpest minds and brightest talent that this city has to offer.

From the early days of event organizing, Douglas saw the power of technology to augment social interaction and so he immediately began forming an interactive collective called Mindshare Labs which was eventually spun off and incorporated as Syyn Labs in 2009. Syyn Labs gained quick notoriety for its RGM music video collaboration with OK Go which has received over 50 million views to date. The creative collective has been featured in Fast Company, on CNN and on multiple TV shows. In late 2012 Douglas left Syyn Labs to refocus his energy into the world of experience design.

Since then Douglas has consulted with numerous clients, from Google to UCLA, to help them create memorable brand experiences. In 2015 he was hired by Cross Campus, a prominent Los Angeles coworking company to help them launch their 2nd and 3rd locations. Then in 2017 he moved to Southern Oregon to help restore a wilderness retreat center called Trillium, while also helping other communities create legal and financial models for shared property ownership.

Douglas’s notable side projects have included traveling the world in a tuxedo to raise funds for charity.

Positions Held
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Humans desire connection. Connection to themselves, to others and to the planet. We are not content to just sit back and hear stories about it. We want to feel it all for ourselves. This is the Experience Age.

–Douglas Campbell–

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