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Design, Technology & Entrepreneurship: Mindshare Finds a Regular Home at Cross Campus


Cross Campus, which has emerged as a prominent player in the Los Angeles shared workspace arena, has officially brought in Mindshare LA (led by Founder Dougie Campbell, second to the President’s left) as experience consultant and event producer. As part of his role, Dougie will continue to host events across a growing network of Cross Campus locations as well as giving input on the launch of new campus locations.

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Return to LA: First stop TEDx, then Mindshare LA!

Sadowsky at TEDxUSC

After a few undercover days back in LA – it was time back into the insanity. First up, the noble President of Syyn Labs, Adam Sadowsky, presented the OK Go RGM music video (now above 13m hits on YouTube!) at the second annual TEDxUSC. This was a special honor made even more special by the fact that we had displayed projects at the first TEDxUSC (in fact the first TEDx anywhere!).

Mindshare Audience

Next up was to MC Mindshare LA – and having missed the previous 3 while I was in South America I was excited to be introducing trippy artwork, Derby Girls, the Hero’s Journey, bamboo sculpture AS WELL as my own presentation on 3 highlighted stories from my travels! Aaah, it’s good to be home

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Mindshare Continues to Grow

Mindshare is well into it’s second year, gathering close to 400 attendees monthly at it’s 5th venue, and is beginning to become a full time endeavor. We’re currently incorporating as a non-profit entity and will soon be creating a membership model. We have some big plans for Mindshare’s future, although I still occasionally dip back into web project management when I need some salary buffering 😉 The other project that is exciting me is Mindshare Labs; our interactive installations continue to attract attention and engage audiences around the country, from LA to NYC. We may even get our own gallery space soon! You can join our mailing lists here. Of course all work and no play makes Dougie a sad boy – so last month I, together with my fellow Epicureans, slipped off for a little adventure to the Eureka dunes of Death Valley. Bring on the summer!

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