Detox Day 5 and Big Ideas for Co-Owned Community Property


Day 5 in the mountains of Thailand at DetoxPai and my mind feels super sharp 🙂 I’m currently researching the topic of community owned property. Do you like that topic? Me too! And I feel like the topic has coming up a lot recently on all sorts of scales in all sorts of contexts and conversations …and that is super exciting. I’ve been exploring possible scenarios and researching how the legal and financial aspect could work. There’s a few different models to consider and of course the ongoing management is also an interesting topic too:) It could be useful for all sorts of communities who want to co-own their property, from small coliving environments to larger colive/cowork spaces or even a giant village-sized projects.

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Plan (and Document) your Adventures… on a MAP!

Southeast Asia Trip LARGE

For years I’ve created custom Google Maps for my projects. You can see The Tuxedo Travels or Cause It’s My Birthday for examples of how I’ve used them on past adventures. Thankfully Google has now made it easier than ever as a way to help plan a trip. When I’m traveling to a new place I just create a new map and begin researching places and asking friends where they think I should explore. Take this map for example, which I am in the process of making for my upcoming trip to Southeast Asia. I just throw all the pins right on the map, plus weblinks and descriptions in the pin’s “description” section. This style of visualization helps me plot my itinerary and also helps me not forget things as I travel around. Want to learn more about how to make your own? Read on!

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My 36th Birthday Challenge… To YOU!

It’s my 36th birthday and I’m super excited about it! Ever since I was 30, I decided to use my birthday as a time to give rather than to receive. Maybe some of you remember at the project that started it all: … So to ring in my 36th year I thought I’d ask for YOUR help in creating a love ripple far beyond my immediate circle! If you want to play here’s how it works…

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Thos Less-than-Fresh Characters


OK so you’ve identified that you’re attracting a certain less than fresh, recurring type of character or situation in some area of your life.. . and you’re ready to break the pattern! What are your best techniques and practices for dealing with this?

I posed this question to my Facebook friends and here’s a few highlight responses to my question.

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Thanksgiving Worst Side Dishes: Egoism and Selfishness


A pompous male turkey at Farm Sanctuary, in upstate NY.

As has become customary, Thanksgiving was spent at my sister’s house / wildlife sanctuary in the woods of Ithaca, NY. Recovering patients this year included a crippled raccoon and three flying squirrels that had been kidnapped and mauled by a cat. The latter would often escape their cage and jump around the kitchen from person to person, until they were finally recaptured.

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