A Strange Sickness in Amed, Bali


Soon after getting my advanced Scuba license in the small fishing town of Amed, Bali I started feeling not so great. 3 Days later I am finally emerging from a really strange post NYE sickness in which my nervous system itself went awry. Each time I moved I felt the fingernails-on-a-chalkboard sensation throughout my body. Eeesh! Nothing makes you appreciate your health, as well as friends and family like being sick and by yourself on the other side of the world! Ha! On the flip side, being bedridden prompted me to immerse myself in CRUX, the second novel in the Nexus trilogy, which is so trippy and engaging that I didn’t put it down until I finished it, which is also conveniently right around the time that I felt much better… If the following summary sounds good to you, check it out! “In a future not so far from ours, the ingestible and illegal drug/technology called Nexus can link human minds electronically, wirelessly, nearly telepathically. There are some who want to improve it, some who want to eradicate it, and others who just want to exploit it. From San Francisco to Bangkok, from Beijing to Delhi, Nexus is a thrill-ride through a world on the brink of explosion.”

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