June 2015

The Path to Self Love


Inspired by a conversation last night with Kay Arutyunyan, today’s topic for exploration: SELF LOVE! Perhaps you’ve always had it. Perhaps you had it, lost it, and then relearned it. Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle! From my experience it seems that I can only love others as much as (or less than) I love myself …so deep self love seems like a worthy skill to master! WHAT ARE YOUR BEST PRACTICES AND LESSONS FOR BECOMING A MASTER OF SELF LOVE? (Here’s a few highlight responses from this great list of comments on the Facebook Post.)

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Thos Less-than-Fresh Characters


OK so you’ve identified that you’re attracting a certain less than fresh, recurring type of character or situation in some area of your life.. . and you’re ready to break the pattern! What are your best techniques and practices for dealing with this?

I posed this question to my Facebook friends and here’s a few highlight responses to my question.

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It’s diet time again… This time for real though


What diet have you found that works for you? In particular I’m looking to stabilize my energy, get more lean and still have a healthy moral compass (meat &fish is an option but I’d still like to respect the water & energy it takes to produce my food and avoid unnecessary animal suffering and supporting over fishing…) Here’s a few top tips from some of my Facebook friends 🙂

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The Mind-Body Connection! (I’ve been neglecting the body part…)


After many years of prioritizing heady-pursuits I am turning my focus towards a more body-centric style of living. I’m looking to connect with nutritionists, personal trainers and bodyworkers… especially ones that might like a dedicated and outspoken case study! I would appreciate any tips on what’s worked for you, as well as suggestions for awesome people, places and activities that I should check out. XOs for a beautiful Sunday… (Art credit: Alex Grey)

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