May 2010

Wild Things Sanctuary in the Woods of Ithaca, NY

Baby. Animals. Everywhere! By the time I arrived, Victoria’s Wild Things Sanctuary (501c3) had multiple raccoons, 2 baby deer, innumerable squirrels, a couple of day old skunk, groundhogs, a vocal crow, 6 baby ducklings, 2 angry possums and a chipmunk. Understandably she was a bit spread thin to entertain me, but fortunately I had enough on my plate. The day after I arrived I realized that my website had been hacked and become a Wachovia Bank phishing trap. All my files were gone but luckily after a couple of very anti-social days I managed to restore my blog’s pictures and writing.

Also, Josh was more than happy to entertain me, visiting his friends who were playing a game of ‘Smugglets’ which involved tossing two croquet balls connected by a rope (AKA ‘the whore’) into goals by the use of curved sticks called Smugglets. We also took a road trip to Jeffs farm, to catch a successful glimpse of a reported pilated woodpecker, to shoot some guns and pieces of wood floating on a lake and then to go fishing in the same lake. On a hike afterward he took me to a cabin that he’d used as a basecamp in hunting season and where a young deer head was still hanging from a tree. Joshua also took me to a local farmer’s market and we hopped a fence near a gorge to relax at one of his favorite chillin’ spots.

Sudden rise in gorges suicides prompts ugly chain link fences on all the bridges in close proximity to the school. In truth, the shear drops do make spontaneous suicide that much easier, although they’re no match for a really dedicated jumper. (Perhaps that’s just enough of a deterrent though…)

Late night Law and Order marathons with Bubba the rabbit and Picchu the chinchilla became the norm. By the end of the week the animal situation was so hilarious that I offered to make a video of “A Day at Wild Things Sanctuary…”

It was then back on the opulent Cornell “Campus to Campus” bus that delivers you directly, pampered with Wifi, hot drinks and snacks, to downtown Manhattan in under 4 hours.

Victoria rehabilitating two young fawns at WTS. As a struggling non-profit organization – she could always use your help!

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Lucid NYC: Love not Porn, Auto-Tuned News, Home Made Rocketships

I will be presenting at Lucid NYC tonight! There’s going to be a bunch of good peeps, music and digi-art as well how to Making Love not Porn, Auto Tune the News team and construct Home-Made Rocketships!


If you’re in the city – or have friends who are – PLEASE LET THEM KNOW! It’s $15 in advance and $20 at the door…

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Sissy’s Wedding in NYC


When I finally, narrowly, made it to the airport the next morning to head to NYC for Sissy’s wedding they almost didn’t let me get my boarding pass due to a ‘multilated passport’. (Damn my secret zipper pocket and the two times I had put it through the wash without realizing it!) I pleaded with the sour pussed girls at the check in, and they finally buckled, warning me that the TSA security might still prevent me from boarding. With a neatly displayed passport and boarding pass, a big smile and a well placed comment I slipped passed the checkpoint and onto my plane.

The ceremony was held under the base of the Manhattan Bridge at a rather stylish venue galled Gustavinos.

The crazy rabbi, who contantly called Craig ‘Greg’ made it seem more like a scene out of Seinfeld than an actual wedding. And Craig’s tiny grandmoth was barely able to be kept in her seat.

Lifting people on chairs in the classic Jewish tradition.

Immediately afterward Sissy and Craig were whisked away to an unknown destination for their honey moon. The family dispersed and the liver begged for sympathy after three days of excessive consumption and the joy of meeting new family members who’s names I quickly forgot! Oh well, there will be time to learn 🙂

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EPIC: The Death Valley Dunes 2010

Wild Skies

A few times a year a group of adventures seeking individuals meet up and go on EPIC outdoor adventures. This is the 3rd year returning to the Eureka sand dunes of Death Valley to spend a night on the dunes, under the bright stars.

Group Shot

There’s nothing like retreating to the desert with some of the smartest people you know to discuss topics such as quantifiable morality, malleability of social order, altruistic incentive, interstellar logistics, routine hacking and continued experiments in experience engineering.

The Dunes

The “booming” dunes of Death Valley are just a handful in the world where the conditions are just right that the sand, as it shifts emits a deeply resonant groaning! A magical place filled with old mines, bizarre rock formations jutting up from the austere desert landscape. More pics here…

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The Brand New Syyn Labs Reel!

SyynLabs Reel from Syyn Labs on Vimeo.

Syyn Labs was formed in 2008 by a group of creative engineers who twist together art and technology. We build gizmos, whatzits, and interactive installations that encourage strangers to play together by lowering social barriers.

Our projects include ‘ArtFall‘, an interactive whiteboard; Rubens’ Tubes, sound-reactive fire sculpture, ‘Sonic Stalagmites‘, which allows people to ‘paint with sound’; and ‘CloudMirror‘, which uses augmented reality to bring your event’s badges to life. We regularly showcase new projects at our monthly Mindshare.LA event in Downtown LA.

We have presented our work at numerous corporate and social events and can create custom installations to suit your venue or public space.

The Polish Ambassador – Portal Hopping

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The 1st Syyn Tavern Unleashes Interactive Joy on Santa Monica!

Syyn Tavern - Standard Gravity

The first Syyn Tavern event was met with excited reviews and successful installations from David Guttman, Brent Bushnell and Eric Gradman – as well as the beginning of a great partnership with Matt Davis of Headtron. Lets play again soon!

Syyn Tavern Flyer

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The Organic Farm to San Francisco

Organic Farm

In a classic mental hackjob, I spend a week serving a quiet week of Vipassana mediation center, chased up by the exciting new discovery of an organic farm between SF and LA that needs volunteers, and then high tailing it to SF, to surround myself with bizarre inspiration from wickedly smart people. Like young Andreas Stadler and his home made brain scanner:

Andreas Brain Scanner

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