A Post Summer Update!

Once again, months unfold – but the constantly rolling list of automatically-updated links above just doesn’t do the time justice – the written word is needed. But I’ll keep it simple… Mindshare: The monthly event that I host is the best ‘Enlightened Debauchery’ in LA 😉 EPICs: rugged camping trips throughout California and the southwest. My lovely mother got married to the enigmatic Ed Osgood in San Francisco. I turned 29 – time to get serious! Not feeling like much a TechNomad these days, but with a chill loft at the brewery, good friends watching nature documentaries and just a general good vibe I don’t feel it’s time to hit the road again… Yet.

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And Here Comes Summer!

Damn, time flies – even keeping a monthly mini-log is proving a challenge. But on the other hand I’ve had a couple of big months, like presenting Tuxedo Travels at the Art Center Design Conference. Summer is fast approaching, spawning adventurous camping trips like the dunes of Death Valley and we’re already about to host our 4th Mindshare tomorrow! We’ve been getting some great press and are excited about making it bigger and better 😉 Stay tuned…

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Back to the LA grind.

So much for my calm life of meditation. Since returning to LA I’ve gotten back in the thick of it all! I went to Austin for the SXSW interactive conference, spread myself too thin and got really sick! Then I got better and started cramming organization for Mindshare. It’s an event that I used to host back in 2006 – now we’re bringing it back 2.0 style! Please come if you’re in the LA area.

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Voyage into Vipassana

** NOTE: If you’re intending to go on a Vipassana retreat, you might want to read this afterward – not because it’s negative, it may inject certain expectations that could make your sit more challenging. On the other hand, if you do read it, remain equanamous ;)”

I recently went to North Fork, CA on a mission to explore Vipassana, an ancient Indian meditation technique. As usual I was impulsive, not fully informed and absolutely unprepared for the experience; the perfect start to any story…

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Back home at in LA

Aaah – the joy of being back home in LA!! I’m living back at the Brewery, quite possibly the coolest place ever. On Christmas I gathered 8 people in San Francisco for the Tuxedo Christmas Miracle! The freshest news is that we’re working on pitching it as TV Series! Give you feedback on our Facebook Group 😉 Otherwise it’s life as normal in LA – drop me a line and if you come visit we can go for a hike in Griffith Park.

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