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Douglas Campbell

Experientialist (Resumé)

Since 2005, I’ve been a community organizer, event producer and experience designer on the west coast of the US. I draw inspiration by twisting together the unexpected to co-create projects such as: MindshareLA, mixing ideas and mischief to stoke inspiration; Syyn Labs (which eventually evolved into Two Bit Circus), blending artists with engineers to spur creativity; and The Tuxedo Travels, one of the earliest social media projects to combine charity with adventure.

I’ve consulted with clients, ranging from Google to the Getty, to help them create memorable brand experiences. In 2015 I was hired by Cross Campus, a prominent Los Angeles coworking company to help them launch their 2nd and 3rd locations. Since 2017 I’ve been restoring a wilderness retreat center called Trillium as well as working with other communities to create legal and financial models for communal land stewardship. I’m currently promoting my new book called “The Motorcycle & The Molecule“, an adventure novel that explores alternative communities in the U.S. and Central America.

My latest project is Rogue Media, a lightning fast, digital design agency that specializes in crafting clear, easy-to-navigate, and simple-to-update websites.


I offer one-on-one consulting on the following topics:

  • > Public speaking & presentation development
  • > Branding, web design, mailing lists & social media
  • > Event & experience production & design
  • > Life hacking, behavior modification & diet management
  • > Community living & co-owning property


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