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The Path to Self Love


Inspired by a conversation last night with Kay Arutyunyan, today’s topic for exploration: SELF LOVE! Perhaps you’ve always had it. Perhaps you had it, lost it, and then relearned it. Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle! From my experience it seems that I can only love others as much as (or less than) I love myself …so deep self love seems like a worthy skill to master! WHAT ARE YOUR BEST PRACTICES AND LESSONS FOR BECOMING A MASTER OF SELF LOVE? (Here’s a few highlight responses from this great list of comments on the Facebook Post.)

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Thos Less-than-Fresh Characters


OK so you’ve identified that you’re attracting a certain less than fresh, recurring type of character or situation in some area of your life.. . and you’re ready to break the pattern! What are your best techniques and practices for dealing with this?

I posed this question to my Facebook friends and here’s a few highlight responses to my question.

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