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My Future as a Two Marshmallow Adult


Moving from a one marshmallow kid to a two marshmallow adult means learning how to delay gratification …and it can be a real bitch let me tell you. That said, life seems to have a habit of throwing curve balls at our plans and expectations so it seems like an important skill to master. Some of us may have had the good fortune to learn this early on from parents or other role models during our formative years. For the rest of us, it means some real dedication and often sitting in some uncomfortable ass situations while the lessons get woven into our behavior. And just when we think we’ve got it, WATCH OUT! It often seems like the moment we have the hubris to think “I’ve got this” is also the precise moment that the universe counters: “Oooooh really, let’s see how much you’ve got this!” BAM!

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Walking Meditation and the Motorcycle Accident


It was a day of adventure, from Lod Cave to Pai Canyon! And after a body melting two hour coconut oil massage back in Pai, I decided to get some tea at the night market before walking home. As I walked I watched for any cravings I experienced as the aromatic smells of the food stalls wafted all around me. After one week of juice fasting, I’m impressed that I’m not feeling more tempted! I attempted to just enjoy witnessing the pleasure of others as they ate dumplings, grilled corn, and all sorts of fried and BBQd goodies. Humorously, I seem to be at ease in the extremes, but moderation remains so elusive! Step by step 🙂

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False Prophets and Being Willing to Look Inward


I just watched Kumaré and it’s a thought provoking and wraps up with a simple yet compelling take away 🙂 Plus it is pretty hilarious too! More info: “Kumaré is a documentary about a man who impersonates a wise Indian Guru and builds a following in Arizona. At the height of his popularity, the Guru Kumaré must reveal his true identity to his disciples and unveil his greatest teaching of all.” You might find a better quality version on Netflix but here’s a free version…

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Accepting That Sometimes You Just Need An Open Return Ticket Home


Well I just officially slept through my return flight home. No alarm went off. No taxi came. In fact I was 100s of miles away from the Bangkok airport in the mountains of northern Thailand. Just as I planned it! Because that was my *original* flight… and I now have an open return ticket!

I just finished a 20 day meditation course on “Acceptance”. During each session I was prompted to ask myself “Who or what am I resisting in my life, right now?” At first I was quick to think I wasn’t resisting anything. I’m totally peaceful! But then as usual this meditation business got deeeeeep! Ha!

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Going Deep at the Bali Silent Retreat


So this is my modest room at the Bali Silent Retreat for the next few days. It comes equipped with a small bed, wooden chair and a large screen which shows the Jungle Channel 24/7. With a daily schedule of yoga, meditation, healthy food and plenty of time for reading, writing and self reflection I have no doubt it will be a very beneficial experience and a good opportunity to focus on increasingly subtle habits and behavior patterns. I’m currently going deep on the topic of self love, something that might well be the number one most important thing we can master but that many of us still find elusive. This inability to truly love and accept ourselves causes all sorts of misery for ourselves and others so I am grateful to have had the book “You Can Heal You’re Life” by Louise Hay recommended to me. So far it’s been a fascinating insight into all sorts of unhelpful stories, beliefs and assumptions that we have about ourselves and the world around us, as well as strategies for how to create upgraded, healthier stories that actually benefit us. After all if I am truly taken care of, then my ability to be of service in this world increases dramatically. And that is a cycle that feels great for all involved 🙂 OK, phone off! See you on the other side.

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Meditations on How to Deal with Anxiety


I’m happy to have just completed Day 30 of ‘s anxiety themed meditation challenge. I never thought of myself as anxious until I stopped doing all my regular activities and just observed myself over an extended period of time. Again and again I kept wanting to distract myself with a creative project, old (often unhealthy) habit or environment change just to avoid feeling a persistent underlying anxiety. Fascinating discovery! The key take away of the 30 days is being able to label your thoughts/feelings as they arise in the following way…

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