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OK Go’s Upside Down and Inside Out Latest Music Video

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Fun fact for my new friends! A company I cofounded in 2009 with a few of my buddies (which we later sold in 2012) was called Syyn Labs​ . Our claim to fame was that we made the Rube Goldberg Machine music video for OK Go 6 years ago. How time flies 🙂 The video is now at 50m+ views on YouTube! Now the band has released their latest video called “Upside Down and Inside Out” and it’s yet another masterpiece of lunacy! Good job guys. And if you’re one of the few people who HASN’T seen the RGM machine video, here’s the link to that one.  STILL A CLASSIC!

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Creating the Education of the Future

The Future of Learning, Networked Society” (20mins) outlines how archaic and flawed the standard teaching model is while offering some examples how it can be done differently. The film claims that “more people will receive education in the next 30 years than in all of history combined” so argues it’s an especially good time to rethink our learning institutions and their methods. How can we transform education from a rote system of standardized testing, designed back in the day to expunge individuality and create good little cogs for the industrial complex, into platforms for teaching our children how to solve relevant challenges in their own minds, in their communities and in our world?

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Reality, The Shadow Self and A List of Awesome Documentaries

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So you may not know this about me but I’m a little bit of a documentary junkie. Since I have some self-prescribed, mind-expanding time on my hands right now I decided to do a little research on where to find some good online docs… And I just discovered a motherload of consciousness poking and thought provoking documentaries.

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Learning to Trust our Intuition

When we get out of life’s way and stop clinging to how we wanted or expected it to be, we can then appreciate ourselves, others and our surroundings for how they truly are, finding beauty in the transient and the uncertain. In every moment lies an opportunity to choose how we want to see the world around us. We can choose to be victims of circumstances outside of our control, or instead choose to be powerful creators, weaving our stories through a harmony of improv and chance. Alan Watt’s said “Each of these lives is the right one. Each of these paths is the right path. Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning…” So let’s relax, breathe, and begin to trust our own intuition more than ever 🙂

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Refuge on the Farm!

The Farm at Sunset

Tonight I find myself at an old refuge of mine, a cliff side cottage at an organic farm in the Sierras. I met the wonderful Kern family many years ago when I’d just started doing Vipassana mediation. They provide organic veggies to the North Fork mediation center and after the course I went to visit their farm …and have visited dozens of times in the years that followed.

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My 36th Birthday Challenge… To YOU!

It’s my 36th birthday and I’m super excited about it! Ever since I was 30, I decided to use my birthday as a time to give rather than to receive. Maybe some of you remember at the project that started it all: … So to ring in my 36th year I thought I’d ask for YOUR help in creating a love ripple far beyond my immediate circle! If you want to play here’s how it works…

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The Transformative Technology Conference

I’m incredibly grateful for all of your birthday wishes! Also I feel fortunate to doing some videography at an amazing event in Palo Alto this weekend called the Transformative Technology Conference. As you might imagine it’s a comprehensive future-facing collection of people, companies & organizations that are thinking about how technology will transform our health, wellness and even are very consciousness for the better.

What you might be more surprised by is that a conference like this would also begin the day with a Kundalini meditation and that one of the recurring themes of the presentations is the importance of continuing deep inner work on ourselves as we explore deep outer work with our projects, research and other creations. A powerful and important piece of advice to heed as we explore the unchartered territory at the intersection of our technology and our own humanity.

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The Path to Self Love


Inspired by a conversation last night with Kay Arutyunyan, today’s topic for exploration: SELF LOVE! Perhaps you’ve always had it. Perhaps you had it, lost it, and then relearned it. Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle! From my experience it seems that I can only love others as much as (or less than) I love myself …so deep self love seems like a worthy skill to master! WHAT ARE YOUR BEST PRACTICES AND LESSONS FOR BECOMING A MASTER OF SELF LOVE? (Here’s a few highlight responses from this great list of comments on the Facebook Post.)

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Thos Less-than-Fresh Characters


OK so you’ve identified that you’re attracting a certain less than fresh, recurring type of character or situation in some area of your life.. . and you’re ready to break the pattern! What are your best techniques and practices for dealing with this?

I posed this question to my Facebook friends and here’s a few highlight responses to my question.

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The Mind-Body Connection! (I’ve been neglecting the body part…)


After many years of prioritizing heady-pursuits I am turning my focus towards a more body-centric style of living. I’m looking to connect with nutritionists, personal trainers and bodyworkers… especially ones that might like a dedicated and outspoken case study! I would appreciate any tips on what’s worked for you, as well as suggestions for awesome people, places and activities that I should check out. XOs for a beautiful Sunday… (Art credit: Alex Grey)

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