Blog Archives Raises Close to $20K! was a huge success – we raised almost $20k for malaria! Our NP partner,, agreed to take no administration fee for facilitating the charitable delivery! Soon after returning we threw a Masquerade Mindshare that showcased Google Wave, Fashion Design, Fire Tech, Sexy Video Games and Light Art! Soon after that Mindshare Labs had 16 installations at LACMA’s MUSE Halloween costume ball! November has been a welcome month of more calming endeavors, like local hikes and preparations for a 2010 South America trip.. Even November’s Mindshare was logistically simple in our beautiful new venue – the Downtown Independent. Now to my sister’s wildlife sanctuary in Ithaca for a quiet Thanksgiving, when I return, the H+ Summit (which I’m helping organize) is going to be a blast!

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From Burning Man to Saving Lives!

The summer came and went, punctuated by pool parties, Mindshares and of course Burning Man to seal the deal. Mindshare is beginning to spawn numerous events around the city, some clad in tuxedos, some surrounding bonfires. Seedlings have left the LA area entirely and one is beginning to take root in NYC, having formed a close bond with an event called Lucid NYC. As the 2009 summer ends, so does my 20s – and what better way to celebrate my launch into maturity then with a 7 day, 7 city, 7 fundraiser party for malaria? Why? Cause Its My Birthday (dot com)!! Spread the love, not the malaria 😉

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The Tuxedos Get Aired on CNN!

Tuxedo Travels gets aired on CNN! See the video here! I’m finally heading back to Los Angeles tomorrow, completing a full around the world revolution. When I think back to all that’s happened this year I can honestly say this was the most unstable and non-stop year of my life. FANTASTIC! Nurturing California and a more chill 2008 awaits.

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Completion of the Tuxedo Travels!

The robe clad delegates and their valiant steeds!

We successfully completed The Tuxedo Travels! After traveling over 6000 miles from Hong Kong to London in a tuxedo I’m taking a bit of a break. Over the next few months I’ll be slowly making my way back from London to Los Angeles, including a month or so in NYC. I’m working on getting back into, well, work and have returned with a renewed energy to continue developing FolioHub. If you’re feeling official, you can see my resume here…

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