June 2010

Syyn Labs Die Hard Shoot in the Mojave Desert


Gradman, Sadowsky, Cousin Gilles (unslept), then Brent, Busby, Hector, Mat, Heather and others met out on a flat lake bed where 24 cars had been stacked in the layout of a piano: 24 b+w cars, one battery, tuned hors and synched headlights. Oh and Gary Numan to play the ‘Cargan’.


After a stressful build day everyone left and I camped out in the open desert with a tent I had in the back of my car. This action was much to the surprise of the entire crew who was pretty sure that as soon as darkness hits rattle snakes and scorpions were going to emerge from every rock and come straight for my tent. The fear that most people carry in this world would be truly comical if it wasn’t so depressing.


By the end of the following day Gary Numan would be flown in and we had to have it ready.



We did it, but not without significant challenge and lack of sleep!

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Syyn Labs Disney XD Shoot

Syyn Labs, Disney XD Rube Goldberg Machine from Syyn Labs on Vimeo.

Disney XD approached Syyn Labs to creation a station ID consisting of a Rube Goldberg Machine, incorporating objects that their target audience would identify with… This is what we came up with. And of course Adam had to be very careful when loading up the paint cannons:

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The Langton Unconstitutional Convention


Over at Langton, things were as alternative and progressive as ever: The Unconstitutional Convention, began by Tristan the previous month, was an event called together to talk about the government and the meeting split off into smaller groups to discuss solutions. After an hour or so we’d once again meet as a full group and talk about the solutions which ranged from the ridiculous “move all sociopaths to an island” to the logical “making APIs for all sections of government” to the invasive “if you’re a public servant, your finances should be public!” to the contentiously futuristic “humans have proven they can’t govern themselves – the best ultimate solution will be an AI government.” (the latter of course proposed by your truly..)

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