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This is the Experience Age. More than ever, humans crave the opportunity to experience ourselves, others and the world around us, in increasingly profound and engaging ways. 

My name is Dougie and ProjectFresh is the portfolio of my work. Since 2005, I’ve been working as a community organizer, event producer and experience consultant in Los Angeles, CA. I draw inspiration by twisting together the unexpected, and have created a bunch of fun projects including: Mindshare LA, mixing education with a party atmosphere; Syyn Labs, blending artists with engineers to spur creativity; The Tuxedo Travels, one of the earliest social media projects to combine charity with adventure; and The SmArt Gallery, sitting at the dynamic intersection where Science meets Art.

I also works with clients, ranging from Google to the Getty, to help them create memorable brand experiences. Recently I was hired by Cross Campus, a prominent Los Angeles coworking company to help them launch their 2nd and 3rd locations. Since then I’ve been travelling through Southeast Asia and exploring the future of community, especially as it relates to coworking, coliving and cocreative environments. You can follow my latest adventures here…

Mindshare LA
Syyn Labs
Tuxedo Travels
The Smart Gallery
Cause It's My Birthday
Mindshare 50
ProjectFresh Presents
Mindshare Lounge
Tuxedo Tyrants

Storytelling, Media and Los Angeles: The Megaphone of Culture
Storytelling, Media and Los Angeles: The Megaphone of Culture
"We are [all] storytellers, sharing our perspectives and experiences through the art of media. Those who write the stories, influence the world. By transforming the predominant narrative, by being conscious with the influence of our media, we explore the possible shift of the story we are weavin[...]
Our Thoughts Are the Seeds of Our Reality
Our Thoughts Are the Seeds of Our Reality
Our thoughts are the seeds of our reality. So it pays to be mindful of what we sow. I just finished a 30 day meditation course on the topic of focus. It's so fascinating to watch my mind reach for distractions just to avoid feeling or thinking about the things that it doesn't want to. In the [...]
What's in a Name? Bring on the Lux!
What's in a Name? Bring on the Lux!
Names hold power. Did you know that the name Douglas comes from the Gaelic for "dark stream"? This certainly seemed to fit my early life and I spent the better part of 30 years attempting to bottle up my emotions behind a nice, neat facade. In fact I proved so good at hiding the darker side of m[...]

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