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Our intrinsic humanity craves personal experience. We flourish when we are free to experience ourselves, others and the world around us in increasingly profound ways. And today the amount of ways we can achieve this is unprecedented. Welcome to the Experience Age.  

My name is Dougie and ProjectFresh is the portfolio of my work. Since 2005, I’ve been working as a community organizer, event producer and experience consultant in Los Angeles, CA. I draw inspiration by twisting together the unexpected and have cocreated a variety of fun projects including: Mindshare LA, mixing education with a party atmosphere to stoke inspiration; Syyn Labs, blending artists with engineers to spur creativity; The Tuxedo Travels, one of the earliest social media projects to combine charity with adventure; and The SmArt Gallery, sitting at the dynamic intersection where Science meets Art.

I also work with clients, ranging from Google to the Getty, to help them create memorable brand experiences. Recently I was hired by Cross Campus, a prominent Los Angeles coworking company to help them launch their 2nd and 3rd locations. Since then I have been on researching the future of community. What sort of novel environments will allow us to LIVE, WORK and CREATE together as never before imagined? 

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Tuxedo Travels
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One Year Ago... Yoga Teacher Training Graduation!
One Year Ago... Yoga Teacher Training Graduation!
Wow, amazing how much can happen in a year! After feeling entirely burnt out in 2015 I decided to put everything in storage and attended yoga teacher training last winter in Thailand. It blew open my mind, gave me new tools to heal my body and revealed aspects of my spirit that I didn't even kno[...]
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Lucidity: The Crossroads of Eudaimonia
I've attended the past five Lucidity Festivals as an attendee and it's seen me at my highs ...and at my lows. Sheesh, let's not even mention 2015! Earlier this year I returned from Asia and Lucidity was the first event I attended during which I met a few of the cofounders and I loosely mentioned[...]
Transformative Technologies Will Affect Us All (Because They Always Have)
Transformative Technologies Will Affect Us All (Because They Always Have)
What I learned at the TransTech conference further convinced me of what I already intuitively know: transformative technologies have the power to be a huge gamechanger (and money maker!). While technology can't solve everything, I'm a great supporter of incorporating the full spectrum of both ol[...]

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