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About Us

Dougie Campbell

Dougie Campbell founded ProjectFresh in 2002 after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design. Read full bio…

Dougie Campbell

Founded in 2002, ProjectFresh draws inspiration by twisting together the unexpected to create memorable projects and experiences.

Among our most notable projects: Mindshare LA mixes education with a party atmosphere; Syyn Labs blends artists with engineers to spur innovation; The Tuxedo Travels was one of the earliest social media projects to combine charity with adventure; The SmArt Gallery sits at the dynamic intersection where Science meets Art.

The desire for experience is an innate, relentless force which cannot be suppressed. Create a space for people to feel their humanity and they will never forget it.

–The ProjectFresh Mantra


Mindshare LA
Syyn Labs
Tuxedo Travels
The Smart Gallery
Cause It's My Birthday
Mindshare 50
ProjectFresh Presents
Mindshare Lounge
Tuxedo Tyrants

How We Work]


We start at the end: What effect do you want to have?


We work with you to create an experience to meet your goals.


We provide analysis to measure your success.


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