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Since 2005, Dougie Campbell has established his reputation as a prominent events and experience consultant in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration by twisting together the unexpected, Dougie has created a lineage of memorable projects. Among the most notable: Mindshare LA, mixing education with a party atmosphere; Syyn Labs, blending artists with engineers to spur creativity; The Tuxedo Travels, one of the earliest social media projects to combine charity with adventure; and The SmArt Gallery, sitting at the dynamic intersection where Science meets Art.

His client work is equally notable. From Google to the Getty, he creates memorable experiences and encourages creativity with his projects.

“This is the experience age. We are learning to experience ourselves, as well as the world around us, in ever more profound ways”  — Dougie Campbell


Some of our Home Grown Projects


Mindshare LA
Syyn Labs
Tuxedo Travels
The Smart Gallery
Cause It's My Birthday
Mindshare 50
ProjectFresh Presents
Mindshare Lounge
Tuxedo Tyrants

Recent Posts

So I'm one week into a 200+ hour yoga teacher training on the island of Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand and it has already been an amazingly profound educational experience. Besides the 2-3 hours of intense physical practice each day, we have about 5 hours of classwork that explores anatomy, philosophy[...]
My First Day Back in Bangkok. And it's Still Beautifully Chaotic :)
My First Day Back in Bangkok. And it's Still Beautifully Chaotic :)
Nothing like 16 hours of sleep to start any trip off right! I woke up at guns blazing and contact lenses glued to my corneas at 6am, determined to find the suitably name Temple of Dawn. Along the way I stumbled through some gritty back alleys which reminded me of the worst things I'd smelled since[...]
The Aware Project and Psychedelic Advocacy
The Aware Project and Psychedelic Advocacy
TONIGHT, on the west side! I'm super proud of Ashley Booth​ of The Aware Project and her team of psychedelic advocates for putting on these unique and thought provoking events. In time they'll be seen as important catalysts for increasing public understanding around what is still a taboo subject[...]

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